Sunday, December 14, 2014

The End is Just the Beginning

I've made a decision to merge this blog with my author blog. I'm hoping to get all of the changes made this month while I take a little time off to sip some hot cocoa and enjoy a few glasses of moscato (well, writers never actually "take time off" do they?) I still have at least three novel/novella irons in the fire while I juggle family and work over the holiday season.

I'll be going through this site this month, picking through all the good stuff, and transitioning it over to my other blog, which you can follow HERE.

I will be leaving some of the author book interviews up for now, but most everything else will be transferred or deleted. It's been interesting to look at some of the posts I wrote when first starting out in 2010. The industry has changed immensely. So much so, a lot of the cutting-edge info I offered advice about has now gone the way of the dinosaurs. It's both scary and refreshing to see these changes, and to imagine what more is in store for the future of book publishing.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and I hope to see you all on the flip side :)