Research/Reading List

This is by no means a complete list, but it is a list of sites that I have found to be useful. I will keep adding to it, and feel free to make suggestions as well. Since I write in the mystery/thriller genres, many of these links have to do with that genre.


How Stuff Works
Kal County
Medicine Net
eHow Autopsy
Relentless Defense
Wallace Fugate


Dame Agatha Christie

Mystery Net


How to Include Backstory
Writing the Fiction Backstory
Novel Writing: The Backstory

Bio’s (Tips on how to write one)

Writer's Digest
Fiction Addiction
Associated Content
eZine Articles - 1
eZine Articles - 2

Book Editors

Book Editing Associates
Preditors and Editors

Cause of Death

Writing World - Suicide
Modern Medicine
Forensic Medicine
Relentless Defense - Gunshot Wounds
Classic Poisons

Character Names

Think Baby Names
Baby Names

Consulting Services

Cops and Writers
Wildfire Marketing


Australian Museum - Forensics
Forensics Online
Writers Forensics
Crime and Clues



Indie Publishing
Coming Soon...

Literary Agents and How to Get One

Agent Query
CBA Blog


Hook your Reader from the First Sentence
Hook your Reader Right from the Start
Hook Your Reader


Wylie Merrick
eHow - Guerilla Marketing
Writing World
Marketing Tips for Authors


Plot Whisperer

Police Interrogation

How Stuff Works - Interrogation
Relentless Defense - Confessions

Police Questions/Forum

Real Police

Private Investigators

Writing World
Investigators Anywhere


A Winning Protagonist
How to Develop a Protagonist
The Protagonist
How to Create a Well-Rounded Protagonist
Which Protagonist is Yours


Writers Digest - Publishing Contracts
JA Konrath
Editorial Ass
Evil Editor

Red Herrings

Planting Clues and Red Herrings
How to use Clues and Red Herrings
Red Herrings


Online Encyclopedia

Rules of Evidence

Cornell University Law School
Writers Digest - Myths of Publishing

Search Warrants

Nolo - Legal Encyclopedia

Serial Killers

William Hearn
Expert Law - Serial Killers


Villains are People Too
Writing the Effective Villain
Creating Villains People Love to Hate

Word Power

Cliches(learn them and avoid them)
Glossary of Police Terms
Glossarist - Police Dictionary & Glossary
Police Slang
Word of the Day
Expand Your Vocabulary
Western Slang
Grammar Blog
Quick and Dirty - Grammar Tips

Writer Advice

Writer Beware
No Rules Blog
Michael Hyatt - Advice for First Time Writers

Reading List

Out of all the books I have read these are the ones I consider to be a MUST for every writers collection. They are full of a wealth of information and are excellent books to reference as you write. I will keep adding to the collection whenever I come across a book that I deem worthy enough to make it on the list.

Character Building

Breathing Life Into Your Characters - Rachel Ballon

Bullies, Bastards & Bitches - Jessica Page Morrell

Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint - Nancy Kress

Dialogue - Gloria Kempton


Revision & Self-Editing - James Scott Bell


Book of Poisons - Serita Stevens

Dissecting Death - Frederick Zugibe, M.D.

Forensics - D.P. Lyle, M.D.


A Grammar Book for You and Me - C. Edward Good

How to Swat the Killer Be's Out of Your Writing - Nancy Owens Barnes

The Elements of Style - William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White

Indie Books/Indie Publishing Must Reads

The Indie Journey

The Newbies Guide to Publishing

Be the Monkey

The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe

How I sold I Million eBooks in Five Months

Let's Get Digital

Memoirs & Bio's

On Writing - Stephen King

The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie - Dick Riley

Mystery Writing

Don't Murder Your Mystery - Chris Roerden

Telling Lies for Fun and Profit - Lawrence Block

Writing Mysteries - Sue Grafton

Writing The Mystery - G. Miki Hayden


Plot & Structure - James Scott Bell

Private Investigating

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating - Steven Kerry Brown

Serial Killers

The Serial Killer Files - Harold Schechter

Serial Killers and Mass Murderers - Nigel Cawthorne

Serial Killers, The Method and Madness of Monsters - Peter Vronsky


Description & Setting - Ron Rozelle


Writing the Breakout Novel - Donald Maass

Stein on Writing - Sol Stein

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers - Renni Browne/Dave King