Monday, March 7, 2011

Self-Publishing: How to Find a Great Graphic Artist/Book Artist/Cover Designer

The first and most important part of finding a great graphic artist is making sure they are skilled in YOUR genre. Some are multi-genre, while others are experts in one specific area.

On my author group, Indie Writers Unite, I have a Yellow Pages document of cover designers that you can get quotes from.

When I wrote, Black Diamond Death, I was still getting my feet wet in the industry, and I went with a talented lady, and I thought the cover turned out good, but then I found someone who took it to the next level. So sometimes it's trial and error, but it's a great feeling when you find that perfect fit.

To point you in the right direction, a good place to start is by looking on my Yellow Page list on Indie Writers Unite.

And here are a few recommendations that are affordable:

FLIP CITY BOOKS - Christine DeMaio Rice

She is quick, sharp, and affordable--and she can do any genre. Tell her I sent you.


Jack is both a talented writer and designer.

Medium--but still affordable--designers

Author J.A. Konrath uses Carl Graves as his cover artist.

Bob Aulicino has designed covers for J.A. Jance and Lawrence Block.

And here's something really cool - it's a video that shows how a book cover was made. Love it!

Now, as one final item of note - I want to caution you all NOT to pay too much. I believe all the graphic artists I have listed here to be honest and fair, but please be careful. I received quotes from under $100 to almost $1,000 SHEESH!

I believe anything up to about $500 for both an eBook cover and a paperback cover, complete with spine, is acceptable.

Some authors also offer pre-made covers, where they just take a stock photo and slap your title and name on it. It's a good option if you are writing just an eBook novella or novelette that won't be in print. But you need to understand going into something like that--it's a possibility you'll see your cover on another authors book as well. Stock covers can be bought by anyone.

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